Torbern Bergman medalist nomination

The Torbern Bergman medal

The nomination of candidates for the Torbern Bergman medal 2020 is for the first time open to all members of the Swedish Chemical Society.

The board of Division of analytical chemistry decides, by a closed vote, who will become the Torbern Bergman medalist.

The following criteria are taken into account when ranking the nominees

  • Scientific qualification, quality
  • Scientific qualification, volume
  • Scientific qualification, contribution to the development of analytical chemistry
  • Ability to present their research results
  • Relevance of the research area
  • The research area’s earlier attention in Torbern Bergman’s context
  • The candidate’s connection to Sweden and Swedish analytical chemistry research
  • The candidate’s previous international recognition

Nomination form

Deadline for nomination is 30 September at 23:59.

This form is closed for submissions.