Analytical chemistry - Survey

As the oldest and one of the largest divisions of the Swedish Chemical Society, the Division of Analytical Chemistry, with its 360 active members, has a very exciting future. Both the pharmaceutical industry and parts of the biotech industry have undergone recent difficult/challenging development, and in parallel analytical chemistry is reaching achievements in completely new areas. At the same time, the research characteristic of analytical chemistry has changed over time. Currently, instrument development is largely driven by instrument manufacturers, and research in analytical chemistry mainly concerns method development and applications. With this questionnaire we wish to create a picture of the state of analytical chemistry in Sweden in 2019 in both academia and industry, and gain knowledge of the members we have in the Division of Analytical Chemistry. Who are we? What work tasks do we have? Do we need more trained analytical chemists? Do we train analytical chemists with the ”right” skills for the current and future needs of industry and the community? How much and what do we teach in basic education in analytical chemistry? Are we looking for external research funds, and how do we succeed in this?

We hope that with this questionnaire we can get answers to some questions. The results of this survey will be summarized in the form of a report that will be made available. The questionnaire is completely anonymous, but for those who want, you can fill in contact information and thus enable follow-up questions. The summary report will also be completely anonymous. The survey and storage of any personal data will follow the GDPR rules.

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