Analytical chemistry survey, all divisions

The Division of Analytical Chemistry is working on a visionary work, “Future of analytical chemistry”, to create a picture of the state of analytical chemistry in Sweden in both academia and industry. We seek answers to questions about how the subject of analytical chemistry has changed over time. Do we train analytical chemists with “the right” skills for the needs that exist in the industry? How do we look at internationalization? What is the role of analytical chemistry in collaborations?

We hope to get help from all of you chemists who are NOT analytical chemists! How do you view the topic of analytical chemistry, and its role in society and in collaborative projects of various kinds?

The survey will be summarized in the form of a report that will be made available. The questionnaire is completely anonymous, but for those who want, you can fill in contact information and thus enable follow-up questions. The summary report will be completely anonymous. The questionnaire and storage of any personal data comply with GDPR rules.

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Analytical chemistry, all divisions

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